Elden Ring Player Defeats Boss Using Ring Fit Controller

FromSoftware fans are on a different level, known for beating games like Dark Souls with banana controllers, Donkey Kong bongos, and more. Naturally, players are already experimenting with unique play styles for Elden Ring, with one fan taking down a boss using Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure controller.

If you’re unfamiliar, Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise game on Nintendo Switch that uses a controller called the Ring-Con, which is basically a Pilates ring with a Joy-Con attached to it. It also makes use of a leg strap with the other Joy-Con fitted inside. In Ring Fit Adventure, players use the Ring-Con and leg strap to perform different forms of exercise.

Now, SuperLouis64 — the very same streamer who beat Dark Souls with bananas — has defeated a boss in Elden Ring using a Ring Fit controller mod. As you can see in the video below, Super Louis 64 defeated Bloodhound Knight Darriwil while getting a good workout in. What’s more, the streamer did it on his first try.

— Tarnished Louis 64 (@SuperLouis_64) February 28, 2022

In a separate post, Super Louis 64 explained how the control scheme works. When he starts running in place, it unlocks movement with the control stick on the Ring-Con. So, his character can’t move unless he is moving in real life. He can attack by squeezing the Ring-Con or swinging it like a sword. And, to heal, he has to squat while holding the heal button.

Elden Ring is hard enough, even without using these crazy control schemes. How is your Elden Ring journey so far?




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