Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous


Elite: Dangerous is the third sequel to the leading edge PC game Elite released in the early 1980s and probably the most ambitious title in the series.

The idea for Elite: Dangerous was first conceived in 1998 but the game’s developer, Frontier Developments, experienced many challenges when trying to find a publisher to sign a funding for the game. Consequently, it looked like there would not be a follow up to the third sequel, Frontier: First Encounters, released in 1995. However, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that began in November 2012 Frontier was able to acquire funding and start development of the game.

Consequently, Kickstarter backers received the first crack in at an alpha version of Elite: Dangerous in December 2013, which was followed by the first phase of beta testing in May 2014. About a month before the game’s release an announcement was made stating the game’s offline single player mode would not be available as the developers determined it would not provide an acceptable experience for gamers.

As a result, Elite: Dangerous was released on Windows as a single player MMO on December 16, 2014 with a Mac OS X version arriving in March 2015. Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions will follow sometime later this year. Future updates are said to include an ability to explore outside the ship via spacewalking, and boarding other player ships.

elite dangerous

Game Description

Elite: Dangerous takes place in the year 3300 an open world galaxy based on a full-scale version of the Milky Way. The gameplay is open-ended with the players themselves pushing the narrative.

As in the games in the series before it, the premise is relatively unchanged. Players are commanders of a spaceship and start off with a small amount of currency called credits. Where the player goes from there is entirely up to the player; the game is opened ended, and in an open ended galaxy the possibilities are endless. Also, how you survive in the vast expanse of space is dependent on what the player is willing to do. Players further themselves in the game either by legal or illegal means, with missions including assassination, bounty hunting, piracy, or trading.

As players proceed they are able to repair, upgrade, and purchase new ships when they dock at space stations and outposts. Also, these space stations and outposts allow players to trade goods and search for new missions on station bulletin boards. Of course, a number of players may simply explore the galaxy’s 400 billion star systems, which include planets and moons; they even rotate and orbit in real time.

Elite: Dangerous is the first in the series to introduce MMO as well as an online single player mode.


Here are some pros for Elite: Dangerous:

  • The details of the solar system are magnificent. A full-scale Milky Way in which you can travel anywhere. It boggles the mind that a team of people could incorporate that much detail into a game map. Elite: Dangerous is visually stunning.
  • The graphics of the vessels within Elite: Dangerous surpass gamers’ wildest imaginations; actually looks and feels comparable to piloting an actual spaceship.
  • Elite: Dangerous has an immersive soundtrack that complements whatever you might be doing at the time, either during free flight or combat.
  • The game is compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, which allows for an increasing immersive experience.


Elite: Dangerous has a number of cons:

  • If you are looking to immerse yourself in epic space tale move on from this title; no back story of any sort is given.
  • Little information is given about the controls and gameplay at the beginning; the learning curve is steep and would be discouraging to new players. A true gamer will tell you that they do not mind a challenge but this is on a completely different level; the difficulty is absolutely unnecessary.
  • It takes much too long to truly become engaged in the game; some gamers say the title starts to reward your tenacity after earning about 100000 credits, and while that may true, it takes a regular work week (for most folks, about 40 hours) of grinding before you achieve results. Elite: Dangerous should be a game, not feel similar to a relentless grind. Gamers are looking to escape that grind; it is why they play games.
  • This game requires patience of a saint, a truly remarkable saint at that.
  • There is no pausing in a single player mode; everything is in real time, thus if you leave the game during mid-mission you will be unable to complete the mission.

Elite: Dangerous looks and sounds spectacular, but little else when it comes to actual gameplay.

elite dangerous


Elite: Dangerous had potential to become a classic space simulation game with astonishing graphics, attention to detail bordering on absurd, and an immersive soundtrack, yet as unbelievable as it looks, it can be difficult to become engrossed in the game. It lacks what truly classic and timeless game should have; it lacks entertainment value.

Honestly, Elite: Dangerous is dangerously tedious and potentially mind-numbing. For all intents and purposes, Elite Dangerous is an updated version of the original Elite release from the early 1980’s. While that original release was leading edge at the time, Elite: Dangerous missed the mark and missed it by a wide margin. It is a shame too, because there was a massive amount of work put into this title by Frontier, the visuals and sounds are outstanding, but without anything else it is simply an endless intergalactic film with no story line to keep people interested.

This is a game for hardcore gamers looking for who live for ever-increasing difficulty and who willingly devote countless hours to one game. There exists an audience for this game, but it does not include a mainstream gamer who wants immediate satisfaction. The game would have been more suited to release at the conception of the idea in 1998 when gamers demanded game titles that were difficult to master and required imagination. Those days are gone.



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