Elsword: 2022 Summer Special Event

Enjoy your best Summer in Elrios yet! Enhance your equipment to get even stronger and don’t miss your chance to complete the IB set!

The 2022 Summer Special Event brings in Premium IB Event, Enhancement Event and Find Hedgehog! Event.

Premium IB Event

Exchange ticket to receive random rewards based on the Stage Range.

Last from Aug 24, 2022 to Sep 20, 2022


Premium IB Package 01 – Ice Burner (Apostolos) x10 Premium IB Ticket* x1
Premium IB Package 02 – Ice Burner (Apostolos) x40 Premium IB Ticket* x4

Enhancement Event

Fight to get Enhancement Aids. Clear 30 dungeons within your level range or win 10 PVP fights Weekly.

Login once on these dates and get these cubes to start your lucky enhancements! It’s super simple!

Enhancement Package Sale

Special Fluorite Ore Package – Blessed Fluorite Ore x100 [Cobo] El’s Hammer x20v
Special Blessed Chlorite Seed (10%) Package – Blessed Chlorite Seed (10%) x45

Find the Hedgehog Event

Get even more Apostolos Ice Burners or complete the very exclusive Shaviana Truffles (Black) pieces!

Complete the Event Exclusive Shaviana Truffles (Black) Set

Collect enough Hedgehogs to get this IB set that’s only available for this event!

Coin Exchange

Exchange the coin to get Shaviana Truffles (Black) Piece.

All of the Events available from Aug 24, 2022 to Sep 20, 2022.

Be sure not to miss out! You can Top up with OffGamers!


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