Elsword: 4th Path Emote & Sticker Event

Elsword: 4th Path Emote & Sticker Event

Get a chance to win K-Ching by adding your art to Elsword’s fun repertoire of emotes and stickers!

5 Winners Per Category (5 Stickers, 5 Emotes) will receive 1500 K-Ching each.


Step to Participate:

  • Submit one illustration per category
    (Note that you may only win one prize)
  • Emotes / Stickers must be related to Elsword’s 4th Paths.
    (Elsword, Eve, Aisha, Raven, Ara, Luciel, Rena, Laby)
  • Emotes should be 128×128 pixels
  • Stickers should be 320×320 pixels
  • Only the following file types are allowed for Stickers and Emotes submission:
    (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG, and BMP)
  • The illustration must be created for the sole purpose of this contest
  • All illustrations must be your own original work
  • Edits of official artwork are not allowed
  • Tracing or using assets from other existing emotes is not allowed
  • Submissions must abide by the Elsword Terms of Use
  • Winners will have their submissions added to Elsword Discord’s Emote / Sticker list


Be sure to participate to have a chance to receive rewards!

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Nexon Game Card

OpenBucks Card

Cherry Credits







For more Information, please visit:
Elsword Official Site

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