[ELYON Pass] Season 4

Purchase the Elyon Pass Premium Ticket in the Ruby Shop for 1,800 Rubies only!
Lots of rewards awaits you!

Sale period of ELYON Pass Season 4 :
October 1–31, 2022

ELYON Pass Season 4 validity period:
October 1–31, 2022

Activity details :
Once the “Elyon Pass Premium Ticket” is activated, the mission must be completed to receive accumulated points. These accumulated points can be redeemed for various items as follows:

Conditions for collecting Elyon Pass points :

  1. 200 points per hour of play (If the game is reset before the hour has passed, the time will start over)
  2. 150 points per Quest Letter (blue quest) used
  3. 150 points per elimination of Dimensional Portal Boss
  4. 150 points per normal dungeon clearing (can be accumulated up to 4 times per day
  5. Daily limit of 6,000 points
  6. Weekly point limit 37,500 points
  7. In case of activating Elyon Pass Season 3 and starting all missions but failing to complete all If the validity period expires, all missions will be deleted and no further action can be taken.
  8. In the case of completing the Elyon Pass Season 3 mission but did not receive the item If the validity period has expired All Elyon Pass Season 3 missions and items will be deleted and no further action can be taken.



PlayPark @Cash (SG)

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