Elyon Pass Season 6


Purchase the Elyon Pass Premium Ticket in the Ruby Shop for 1,800 Rubies only!
Lots of rewards await you!

Sale Period of ELYON Pass Season 6 :

December 1–31, 2022

ELYON Pass Season 6 Event Period :

December 1–31, 2022

Activity Details :

Once the “Elyon Pass Premium Ticket” is activated, the mission must be completed to receive accumulated points. These accumulated points can be redeemed for various items as follows:

Conditions for collecting Elyon Pass points :

  • 1.200 points per hour of play (If the game is reset before the hour has passed, the time will start over)
  • 2.150 points per Quest Letter (blue quest) used
  • 3.150 points per elimination of Dimensional Portal Boss
  • 4.150 points per normal dungeon clearing (can be accumulated up to 4 times per day
  • 5.Daily limit of 6,000 points
  • 6.Weekly point limit 37,500 points
  • 7.In case of activating Elyon Pass Season 3 and starting all missions but failing to complete all If the validity period expires, all missions will be deleted and no further action can be taken.
  • 8.In the case of completing the Elyon Pass Season 3 mission but did not receive the item If the validity period has expired All Elyon Pass Season 3 missions and items will be deleted and no further action can be taken.

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