Epic Accidentally Allows PlayStation And Xbox Owners To Cross-Play Fortnite

Epic has enabled cross-platform play by mistake for its multiplayer sandbox survival game Fortnite over the weekend, allowing PlayStation 4 players to play together online with Xbox One players.

This was kind of a big surprise for most because to date, no major game has allowed for cross-platform PlayStation 4 and Xbox One multiplayer. Console cross-play opens up games’ player bases so friends who don’t have the same system can game together.

Every other cross-platform that were allowed on games like Rocket League and Minecraft are PlayStation 4 and PC players, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch players, but never been done before, a cross-platform combo of PlayStation and Xbox.

Microsoft has been vocal about bringing the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 cross-platform play to the gaming community. However, Sony doesn’t seem to be interested with the concept knowing the fact that the company is still selling the most consoles in the United States each month and everyone knows that Microsoft is struggling to compete with Sony’s impressive PlayStation 4 sales.

Epic representative commented that it was due to a configuration issue that the cross-play was enabled previously and it has now been corrected. Given Sony’s hardline stance against letting people on different consoles play together online, don’t expect Sony to allow cross-platform play back anytime soon to Fortnite.