Epic Games’ Fall Skirmish Tournament Starting Next Month

Epic Games has announced the details for Fall Skirmish, the company’s second competitive Fortnite tournament season.

fortnite fall skirmish

Five clubs have been created for Fall Skirmish; Fort Knights, Lucky Llamas, Dusty Dogs, Rift Raiders and Bush Bandits. Participants will represent their assigned clubs when squad or duos game modes are played. Club Points are awarded to every participant’s performances which contributes to their club’s overall standings. There will be changes to the formats each week with subtle changes to the Friday competitions and more extravagant changes to the weekly Trials.

Each week the participants will compete in various trials:

Week 1 Trial – Duos (Hold the Throne)
Week 2 Skirmish – Solos TBA
Week 3 Skirmish – Duos TBA
Week 4 Skirmish – Squads TBA
Week 5 Skirmish – Solos TBA
Week 6 Skirmish – TwitchCon TBA
Week 2-6 Trials – TBD

fall skirmish clubs

After the tournament, the Club that gains the most point wins the $4 million prize money. The tournament will last for six weeks through a variety of different game types and team sizes. All of the games from the first week of Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish will be available on Fortnite’s Twitch channel, today, September 21, 2018.