Eudemons Online 15th Anniversary

The long-awaited Eudemons Online 15th Anniversary is here!
There are not only interesting activities but also gorgeous rewards!


Warlord Ⅳ

Duration: Jun 10th – Aug 8th


  • Complete the quests to upgrade the Warlord Guide.
  • Each time the Warlord Guide upgrades a level, you can get the pack with rewards.
  • You can get Warlord Heart when your Warlord Guide reaches 30-star.
  • Players who have Warlord Heart can join in the draw to get amazing rewards, such as Dreamfairy Ruby and so on.


Passion Arena

Duration: Jun 10th – Aug 8th


  • Passion Arena has three level quests, which are Normal, Hard and Nightmare arenas.
  • If players win within 300 seconds, the passing rewards will be yours.
  • The harder the challenge, the better the rewards.


Cronus Auction

Duration: Jun 10th – Aug 8th


  • The Cronus Auction is divided into three periods: 6.10-6.13,6.17-6.20 and 6.24-6.27 respectively.
  • Anniversary Coin acquired in the anniversary activity can exchange to raffle in the Store.
  • Players can use raffle to gain rare eudemons and stylish looks in Cronus Auction!


In addition to these events, there are “Blessing of Cronus” and “Anniversary Gifts”, which give players more daily benefits!

Don’t miss this once-a-year anniversary! Please come and enjoy the party!




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