Eudemons Online 2 Thanksgiving Event – The Reward Banquet Extravaganza!

Get Ready for Turkey Hunts, Heartfelt Shares, and Epic Challenges!

Eudemons warriors! We hope you’ve cleared up your schedules because the Eudemons Online 2 Thanksgiving Event is here and it’s serving up a platter of excitement from November 8 to November 30, 2023. Prepare for a feast of fun and a chance to earn some fantastic Thanksgiving-themed rewards!

What’s on the Menu?

  1. Black Friday Hunting:
    Hunt down special Thanksgiving-themed monsters and collect Turkey Feathers. Trade these feathers with the Thanksgiving Envoy Helena for some awesome rewards that’ll have you gobbling in delight!
  2. Share Grateful Hearts:
    Spread the love by sharing Grateful Hearts with your pals. Earn these hearts by completing daily tasks and special events. It’s a season for giving, after all!
  3. Thanksgiving Trip:
    Embark on a special Thanksgiving quest that promises bountiful rewards. 
  4. Turkey Rescue:
    Be a hero! Save turkeys from monsters and be rewarded for your kindness. Who knew turkeys could be so adventurous?
  5. Delicious Roast Turkey:
    Put on your chef’s hat and cook up some Delicious Roast Turkeys. Your culinary skills will be rewarded handsomely!

Thanksgiving Contests – Challenge Accepted!

But wait, there’s more! Gear up for some thrilling contests that will put your skills to the test:

  1. Mighty Star Challenge:
    Take on a powerful boss monster and show your might within a limited time. Conquer the challenge for fantastic rewards!
  2. Moon Power Challenge:
    Race against time to collect Moonlight Stones. Quick reflexes will lead you to victory and sweet loot.
  3. Sun Glory Challenge:
    Defeat enemies and gather Sun Shards within the ticking clock. Prove your strength and bask in the glory of your triumph.

What are the rewards? You can have the chance to obtain Thanksgiving-themed costumes, pets, mounts, furniture, consumables, and more. It’s a banquet of goodies waiting to be claimed.

How to Join the Celebration

Participating in the Eudemons Online 2 Thanksgiving Event is as easy as slicing into a pumpkin pie. Just log into your game account and pay a visit to the Thanksgiving Envoy Helena in Cronus City. She’ll open the door to a world of Thanksgiving-themed activities and contests. Let the festivities begin!

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