Eudemons Online: Break the Eggs to Win Rewards

Dear heroes, good news!

The real and fake egg breaking event will come to Cronus soon!
We hope the fun activities will surprise each hero.

Duration: May 10th – May 22nd


  • During the event, Eggs may appear anywhere in the city of Cronus.
  • Players can use Lucky Hammer to break the egg to earn points. If you break the correct egg successfully, the point will be doubled and you will get additional items:
    • Small Eudemon Clover Pack
    • Small Eudemon Crystal Pack
    • Red Stone Bag
    • Lv.65 Fire Flame
    • Lucky Hammer
    • Treasure Hammer
    • Miracle Emblem
  • Players can choose to go to the NPC to redeem the Egg Coins or continue to break eggs.
  • If you break the wrong egg, the credits will be halved and directly converted into Egg Coins.
  • The Egg Coins earned by breaking eggs can be redeemed for rewards in the Star Store.
  • The system will not reset daily points.



Players can increase their success rate with Treasure Hammer and Miracle Emblem.

Treasure Hammer

Effect: Increase the probability of striking by 5 times.

Miracle Emblem

Effect: If you fail to break the correct egg, you can still keep the points and continue to break with increased probability.



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