Eudemons Online Cross-Server Divine Fire Race!


Dear heroes, Race Envoy Natasha will hold a grand CS Divine Fire Racing from Jan. 19 to Feb. 19!

Heroes at the top of all servers can battle with each other.

Come and see who is truly the strongest hero in the Eudemons Online world!

CS Sign-in


2022.1.19 – 2022.2.19


• All heroes with Power of Divine Fire above 15000 can enter Star Shrine.

• Find Caroline to sign in every day and claim the daily reward: Lv.65 Fire Flame or tons of Star Points.

• When players have signed in for 7/10/14/20/21/28/30 days, extra rewards like CS Sign-in Boxes/Tomb Challenge Tokens will be available.



The rewards will be sent to the mailbox of player’s server.

CS Divine Fire Racing


00:00 Jan. 19 – 23:49 Feb. 19 (GMT-8)


• All heroes with Power of Divine Fire above 15000 can challenge Hero Eternal Hell in Star Shrine.

• Eternal Hell is not available from 23:50 – 23:59 everyday & 11:50 – 13:00 every Wednesday.

• Natasha will only record the best performances in Hero Eternal Hell on the rankings.

• Players will be ranked according to the time you spent on passing the challenge.

• The less time you use, the higher you`ll be ranked. If the clearance time is the same, the one who achieves it earlier will be ranked higher.

• Players can open the Glory Race Box once every time after pass Hero Eternal Hell.

• There are CS Fire Race Rankings which divided into Daily Rankings and Overall Rankings.




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