Eudemons Online: Mid-Autumn Festival Events 2019 Comes!

Duration: 11th – 17th September 2019

Attention, Heroes!

Mid-Autumn Festival comes!

Talk to Moon Hare (CronusCity 344,394) know about Mid-Autumn Festival Quest.

Lunar Hound Crisis: Pay a visit to Theresa (339,384) in Cronus City. She promises wonderful rewards for heroes who help drive away the Sky Dog.

Moonlight Relics: As the Mid-Autumn Festival arrives, the power of moon reaches a peak and unseals the Moonlight Relics where numerous treasures were buried. Lv.90+ heroes with 200 BP can talk to Bob to enter the Moonlight Relics twice a day from 07:30 September 11 to 23:59 September 17.

Come to join quests in Eudemons Online and win wonderful gift!



Multi Game Card
TQ Point Card



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