Eudemons Online: New European Server – Elysium

The newest European server, Elysium has been opened since April 3rd.

1. New Server Competition

1.1 The Most Wealthy Legion

Duration: April 3rd – 17th

Top 10 legions with the most legion funds will get EPs, PPs, or limited Eudemons, Garments.

1.2 Eudemons Contest

Duration: April 3rd – May 3th

Enhancing your Eudemons Grading and if you are the top 15 in new server at the end, you can win tons of reward!


2. Bound Item Sale

Duration: April 10th – 17th

You can use PP to purchase a lot of items. In the same time, there will be continuous six days PP Drop for you.


Come and join Elysium’s related events to find a brand new world !!!


Eudemons Online
Eudemons Online
(Global) MGC



3. GM Private Collection

Duration: April 21st – 22nd

It said that GM collect tons of treasure in the cave and in order to welcome the heroes in new server, she decides to give valuable present to heroes who can find her.


4. Eudemons Br Privilege Pack and Media Pack

Duration: March 21st – May 2nd


5. Lucky Media Pack Giveaway

Duration: April 3rd – May 4nd


For more information, please visit:
Eudemons Online New European Server – Elysium.