Eudemons Online Newest Asia Server, Draconis

The newest Asia server, Draconis, has opened on Mar 10th! Join great new server events now!

1. New Server Competition

1.1 Celebrity Hall Competition

Duration: Mar 10th – April 9th

According to the final rank of celebrity hall, you can win reward according to your rank! For the top 3 celebrities, they can not only get tons of eps, but also win amazing halter Mantis Shrimp !

1.2 Eudemons Contest

Duration: Mar 10th – April 9th

Enhancing your Eudemons Grading and if your eudemon is the top 50 in new server at the end, you can win reward! You even have chance to win the strongest Eudemons so far, Dreamfairy!

1.3 Eudemons Star Achievement

Duration: Mar 10th – April 9th

During event period, achieve specified stars and you can win reward!

2. New Server Sale

Duration: Mar 10th – 29th

During sale period, you can buy amzing items and rare eudemons with wonderful price.


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