Eudemons Online: Recharge to get Imagination Cloud!

Recharge to get Imagination Cloud!

All heroes! The Imagination Cloud has just visited the world of eudemons recently.
We believe there are many heroes who are conquered by its cuteness.
To celebrate the arrival of the Imagination Cloud, the Free Imagination Cloud with Recharge Event will run from August 16 to August 31 to fulfill the heroes’ desire to own it!

Duration: August 16th – August 31st

Event Notes:

  • Events are distributed through backpack letters, please do not drop your backpack letter!
  • Open the backpack letter and click the button “Participate in the event” to enter the Event page.
  • Click the button “Claim Limited Eudemon” in the page to calim the cute Imagination Cloud.



  • Credit Eudemons Online character to collect wonderful rewards, including Imagination Cloud Ketton and its skill books.
  • When total credit amount reaches $59.99, $119.98, $299.95, $419.93, or $599.90 during the period, click “Claim” on the page and collect rewards from the corresponding chest in the game.
  • Players whose total credit amount reaches $599.90 can claim all rewards of the 5 credit tiers.




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