Eudemons Online: Spring Lucky Spin Event

Duration: April 3rd – April 17th, 2019

Hello Heroes!

During the event, every $1 earns you 1 credit when you purchase EPs and you can use 20 credits to play spin once. You have chance to win Super Attack Gem, King Wukong, brand new hairstyle Violet Dream and many other amazing rewards.

Besides, you can also use credits to exchange with 30* Saint XO Pack, 25x Oracle Stone, and new eudemons Star Antelope Fahn/Frost Antelope Paine!


Who will be the luckiest man in the Spring Lucky Spin? Credit and play spin to win rewards!


Eudemons Online
Eudemons Online
(Global) MGC



Frost Antelope Paine

Star Antelope Fahn

Eden Tale, Honorable Conqueror and Violet Dream hairstyle


For more information, please visit:
Eudemons Online Spring Lucky Spin.