EVE Online’s New Expansion Foundation is Now Live


CCP Games’ Sci-fi Space MMORPG EVE Online has just launched their expansion on May the 4th, and it’s free to play! This update is designed to honor the history and legacy of New Eden’s four empires: the Amarr, Caldari, Gallente, and Minmatar. These factions will be spotlighted over the course of the Quadrant through video featurettes that celebrate their unique and defining features while themed events and activities give players a chance to make their mark on the galaxy.

Players can expect a ton of cool stuff to arrive through the Foundation Quadrant, including in-game activities, limited-time challenges, art updates, rewards, and daily gifts. If that’s not enough to catch your interest, the Capsuleer Day event will start on May 6, the game’s actual 18th birthday, and it will offer 12 straight days of in-game events for players. Plus, Jita Station’s interior has gotten a massive visual update and Aura, the player’s guide to New Eden, has been rebuilt from the ground up.

EVE Online: Foundations is now available for PC and Mac. Get the game now and enhance your experience with our EVE Online Plex below:






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