Attention Travelers 🐺 Itto and Gorou have arrived! Recharge Genshin Impact with Razer Gold now to snag the Hanamizaka Heroics and the Canine Warrior!

From 14 December until 4th January 2022, 2359 (GMT +8), simply recharge Genesis Crystals via Razer Gold wallet and stand to win the exclusive Genshin Impact Edition Razer Iskur X, Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro, Razer Goliathus Speed, or RM50 bonus Gold!

Earn entries to the giveaway! Follow the steps below:

  • Recharge a minimum of RM59.90 per transaction via Razer Gold wallet to earn 1 entry to the giveaway.
  • Recharge a minimum of RM129.90 per transaction via Razer Gold wallet to earn 3 entries to the giveaway.

(29) winners will walk away with each of the amazing prizes from the prize pool as below.


Grand Prize:
Razer Iskur X – Genshin Impact Edition 1

Second Prize:
Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro – Genshin Impact Edition 3

Third Prize:
Razer Goliathus Speed – Genshin Impact Edition 5

Consolation Prize:
RM50 bonus Razer Gold 20

Razer Gold’s Cosplayer Voting Contest

Stay tuned to the upcoming Razer Gold Cosplayer Voting Contest on 17th December 2021! Vote for your favorite cosplayer who dresses up as Genshin Impact characters and stands to score bonus Gold, only on Razer Gold Facebook.


Razer Gold (MY)


For more information, please visit:
Razer Gold Exclusive Genshin Impact CHRISTMAS Giveaway

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Razer Gold All Region


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