Extended Cut For Batman V Superman Will Be R-Rated

It looks like even Warner Brothers will be jumping on the R-Rated bandwagon as reports indicate that the Blu-Ray/DVD extended cut edition of Batman V Superman (BvS) will be R-rated.

Revealed by FilmRatings.com, the Zack Snyder led BvS has officially been rated R, which is surprising given that the theatrical release will be PG-13. It seems that the upcoming Blu-Ray/DVD edition will feature additional scenes that will include “sequences of violence”. It seems that the additional scenes are violent enough to warrant an R rating.

While it may look like BvS is riding on the success of the R-rated Deadpool, it still marks another addition to the list of ever growing R-rated superhero films.

Is the news of an R-rated Batman V Superman exciting for you? Will you wait for the extended cut or watch the theatrical release? Let us know! In the meantime, check out the new images for BvS and Suicide Squad that was recently released.

BvS Armored Batman


Suicide Squad Enchantress

Source: FilmRating.com