Fallout 76 Event Glitch Is Teleporting Players Into Vault 63

Fallout 76 players have reported on Reddit that an event glitch has enable them to travel to Vault 63. A Redditor named McStaken claims that he accidentally enters the vault during a Rad-Rat Horde event. The only way they could leave the vault was by fast traveling to another area. Before leaving, McStaken managed to capture some interesting images while inside the vault.

vault 63 door

vault 63 halls

vault 63 reactor

vault 63 skeleton

McStaken was afraid of getting the ban hammer for accessing a restricted area, so he submitted a support ticket to Bethesda and informed them about the glitch. At this time of writing, a Bethesda community manager has provided a reply on Twitter:

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]Glad to hear you got in and out of the Vault in one piece. These Vaults are still under construction, but we look forward to sharing more on how they will become part of the game. In the meantime, we also appreciate when players like yourself let us know about stuff like this. We have shared with the team and will let you know if we have any follow up questions. Thank you![/quote]