Fan Made An Awesome Pokemon Inspired Solar Battery Charger

Every Pokémon GO player knows that the biggest challenge for the augmented reality game is not finding legendary Pokémon or battling for gyms, it’s the battery draining that the app causes when you play the game.

Pokemon, Pokemon GO

We’ve written up some great suggestions that’ll keep your battery juiced up as you search for that elusive legendary. One fan decides to create a charger that not only charges multiple phones but also looks like a PokéCenter!

Spencer Kern designed and built the PokéCenter charger using a combination of woodwork, 3D printing and some nifty electronics. And, not only does it look awesome, it actually works as Kern has taken the PokéCenter charger to the wild and let other players use the massive battery charger.

Pokemon, Pokemon GO, PokeCharger

For more details on how Kern built the PokéCenter charger, you can head over to the project’s work site to see more images and schematics.

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Pokémon GO is available now for Android and iOS on selected regions.

Source: Pokemon Center – Charging Station (Sway)

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