Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4


Ubisoft has a very nice surprise for the fans of the Far Cry series in its latest installment – Far Cry 4.

The franchise is always known for its powerful sense of freedom, adventure, and choice.

But this newest version takes those powers to a whole new level.

In Far Cry 4, you would be playing as Ajay Ghale. He is a young man who has just decided to go back to his hometown, Kyrat, only to scatter the ashes of his mom.

As you would notice from the different trailers, his arrival did not go as planned and that is all because of Pagan Min – the King who is running a tyranny.


far cry 4


Game Description

As you probably know, the primary objective is to get back to the King, who sadly did not appear much in the game which is weird considering the fact that he has a pivotal role. Rather, you’ll see your character in a dilemma between Sabal and Amita. These are the two front actors of the rebellion called The Golden Path.

This is where your decision making will be put into the test. You will be asked to choose between the two leaders. One fights for history, while the other wants modernization.

The selection you will make will greatly affect your missions. Soon after, you would continue to see greater risks and consequences; all rooted from your decision.

Aside from Sabal and Amita, you will encounter several other characters on your Far Cry 4 game. One of them is Willis, a favorite character from the previous version. He returned to help Ajay find out more about his loved ones and he can give you more Himalayan missions. You will also meet Longinus and Hurk along the way.

The Golden Path tasks may not always be available. If this is the case, then you would be asked to do some side missions. This is very accurate for the Reggie and Yogi adventures. You would see statues falling from the sky and warriors spontaneously combusting. They are very entertaining, though. You’ll find yourself laughing.

If you choose not to do side missions, don’t worry; there are several other things that you can enjoy in Far Cry 4. You can hunt for animals, create crafts, etc. You will have to get the pelts of Kyrat’s growing animal population to be able to create loot bags, weapon holsters, pouches, and more.

Elephants are definitely a great addition to Far Cry 4. You can use them as a ride or turn them into a weapon if you were able to unlock the necessary skill.

Here in Far Cry 4, you can choose between two different sets of skills. One is the Tiger skill and the other is the Elephant skill. The former is helpful during attacks while the latter is more protective like getting an improved health, ability to ride elephants, etc.

You will definitely enjoy exploration in Kyrat. Among the best landscapes featured in this game include the India or Tibet surrounded by the Himalayan mountains.


far cry 4


Kyrat is certainly beautiful. The animals here are much more realistic than ever before, which sometimes even give gamers a feeling of guilt after killing an animal.

It is their soundscape that likewise makes Far Cry 4 one of the best open world games today.
Gamers are likewise given the power to shoot sideways even when driving. These are all part of the mini missions that you’ll pick up. This is an ability that most enthusiasts are waiting for.

The franchise has likewise introduced a multiplayer mode termed as Battles of Kyrat. You will be playing as a team of Ajays with the Golden Path.

There are 3 various multiplayer options available now. Demon Mask is the franchise’s answer to capture the flag. Your team should get the mask from a roaming area and give it back to one of the 2 shrines without being knocked out.

Golden Path can be set up by liberating outposts. On the other hand, the Rakshasa will try to win it for themselves. And lastly, the Propaganda, which is among the most favorites of players. There 3 various locations marked, which the Rakshasa will try to secure for as long as possible. The Golden Path’s goal is to bomb the bases successfully.

In all of these 3 modes, you should adapt your gaming style to the group you are currently in. You must use your environment wisely; this is not just about continuously firing guns etc. You can be invisible if you can make slow and discrete movements.


• Kyrat is amazingly beautiful
• Addition of multiplayer mode
• New skills and powers
• Extended wildlife
• Interesting characters
• Compatible with different gaming consoles like Xbox, PS4 and more


And just like any other thing that is beautiful, Far Cry 4 also has its flaws. It may seem like the company has somehow created a half cooked pudding of the plot. There were hints about the choices to make and the possible consequences that players can use or follow, but none of them will make you feel like you have greatly affected the timeline with your decisions. Some members of the wildlife are somewhat violent too.

Perhaps Ubisoft intentionally hid some of the features of Far Cry 4 so that you can discover some important things on your own. While some enjoyed playing tricky games, others find this very confusing and causes delays in the game.

You will not be allowed to do health syringes on your own. Rather, Ajay will automatically give you one in exchange for at least two greens that you were able to grow and harvest. This is a handy trick that you will never discover until you die.


You will definitely find it difficult to get a game that is as immersive as Far Cry 4. There are only a few that can match this game when it comes to the extensiveness of gameplay. Though the story might lack some highlights, it is still the unique power, freedom, and enjoyment of the players that count.



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