Far Cry 5 Arcade Dawn Event Rewards Players With Kriss Vector And Skin

For this week, Far Cry 5’s Arcade Dawn event is all about visiting the arcade machines in Hope County. There is a personal reward and also a community reward for attaining certain progress.

far cry 5

In order to obtain the personal reward, players will have to play Far Cry Arcade for at least 40 minutes to earn the Vector .45 ACP. For the community reward, Far Cry 5 needs to have 2.4 million minutes logged in the arcade by the community.

The Vector comes with the arcade color scheme skin, and a player costume with exactly the same color scheme. The event is a great way for Ubisoft to push players to the Far Cry Arcade part of the game if they have not checked it out yet. Ubisoft has broken sales records with Far Cry 5 and the game turned into the quickest selling title in the series, selling over five million copies in one week. For the PlayStation 4, Far Cry 5 was also the most downloaded game in March.