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Far Cry 6 brings the mayhem of Far Cry back to players worldwide. You don’t want to miss out on all of the fun, so be sure to get a few PlayStation Gift Cards from OffGamers right here. However, there is one thing that we want to focus on so that you maximize your fun when playing Far Cry, and that is: Criptograma Charts.

If you don’t know what these charts are or where to find them, don’t worry, we’re going to explain everything in our detailed guide.

What are Criptograma Charts?

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Criptograma Charts are an optional part of the game, but they’re something you’ll definitely want to pay attention to if you’re the type of person who wants to rock exclusive armour sets to have the upper hand against your opponents.

These charts help you find Criptograma chests.

And what’s inside of these chests? You guessed it. Exclusive armour sets.

However, you need to collect two charts to find a single chest. Sounds easy, right? It’s not. It takes a lot of time and effort to find the 15 chests throughout the game. Plus, there are a total of three armour sets that you’ll be able to collect:

  1. Mark II Rioter
  2. Fuego
  3. Hazmat

Of course, these sets have their own perks and buffs that will make them worth the effort to seek out. The good news is that we know where all of the charts are located so that you can start searching out the sets from the start.

Far Cry 6 Location of All 15 Criptograma Chests and Charts 

Mark II Rioter Set

The Rioter set is a really nice set of armour to have because it buffs up your armour defence, and the gloves improve your melee damage. So if you’re having trouble staying alive or like to run into the midst of battle without much regard, this is the set that you’ll want to get first.

Of course, we recommend getting all sets.

Rioter Pants MK II (improves armour-piercing defence)

Location: Old Pueblo, Esperanza

Charts: #11 Rum and #02 La Guitarra


Head to Old Pueblo and go to the La Divinidad Cathedral. Just north of the cathedral, you’ll find the chest with the pants in it.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #11 Rum: When you’re at the cathedral, look to the rooftops and run across them to the right. You’ll jump on the balcony of the cathedral, where you’ll find this chart’s location.
  • #02 La Guitarra: Now, go inside of the cathedral and go to the east balcony. You’ll want to find the plank, which you’ll need to use to get to the rooftop. On the roof, you’ll find this chart. Be careful though, this is where most people fall and meet their doom.

Rioter Boots MK II (armour-piercing defence buff)

Location: Southern Mardrugada coast in a tower at the El Dorado Cabins

Charts: #22 Dog and #03 Pig


When you’re at the cabins, look for the small tower. The chest is located on the tower.

However, you need to find the charts first:

  • #22 Dog: You’ll find this chart at the very southern tip of the island.
  • #03 Pig: Head to the islet just southeast of the cabins.

Rioter Gloves MK II (improves melee damage)

Location: Costa Del Mar in the town of Poesia, right on the pier

Charts: #25 Yara Libre and #10 Rooster


The chest is located right on the pier, so it’s not difficult to find.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #25 Yara Libre: Head to the pier and look ahead to a rock in the distance. On the rock is the chart.
  • #10 Rooster: Just south of the town is a coast on the island’s west side. Look for the grapple spot, and grapple up to the chart.

Rioter Vest MK II (armour-piercing and defence buff)

Location: Aguas Lindas, just north of Ida’s Refuge

Charts: #12 Shark and #28 Yaran Queen Butterly


You’ll find the chest on the pier in Aguas Lindas, but the Criptograma Charts are located not far away from the chest.\

You can find the chests by following the directions below:

  • #12 Shark: Head to the pier, dive in the water and you’ll need to find the deepest plank, surrounded by sharks. That’s where the chart is located.
  • #28 Yaran Queen Butterly: If you look north of the village, you’ll see a cliff where the chart is located.

Rioter Helm Mark II (armour-piercing defence buff)

Location: Verdera, at the billboard in Lozania

Charts: #16 El Trompo and #19 Sunrise Mariposa Flower


Head to the northern part of Verdera to find the large billboard. On top of the billboard will be your chest and the nifty helm.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #16 El Trompo: Follow the blue marks that are past the rooftops on the south.
  • #19 Sunrise Mariposa Flower: Continue heading south from the El Trompo chart to find this chart.

Hazmat Set

The Hazmat set is all about poison resistance and buffing up your poison defences. While resistance isn’t the most gratifying buff and won’t turn you into a killing machine, it’s going to make some poison-heavy encounters in Far Cry 6 much easier for you to handle.

Let’s start with finding your gloves.

Hazmat Gloves MK II (resistance)

Location: Isla Santuario just North of Armonia

Charts: #06 Royal Palm and #01 Yaran Flag


The location of the chest is actually in the same place that you meet Juan in the game. Head to the town and go north. The gloves will be there.

However, you need to find the charts first:

  • #06 Royal Palm: Head to the area where the chest is located, using the directions above, and make your way to the roof of the house in front of the chest.
  • #01 Yaran Flag: This chart is located just to the right of the house in the large steel pipe.

Hazmat Pants MK II (poison protection buff)

Location: La Joya, at the People’s Pride Clinic

Charts: #18 Cigar and #21 Croco Taxi


First, you’ll want to go to the People’s Pride Clinic in La Joya. The clinic is in the north of town and on top of it, you’ll find the chest with your hazmat pants inside.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #18 Cigar: Right in the clinic areas, you’ll find apartment buildings. The Criptograma chart is in one of the north buildings on the roof.
  • #21 Croco Taxi: Head to the north building roof, close to the water, and you’ll find this chart. The chart is very close to the #18 Cigar chart.

Hazmat Suit MK II (improved poison and fire defence)

Location: Barriga Village in Sierra Perdida

Charts: #14 Horse and #30 Domino


Your chest is located in the small fishing village of Barriga. Once you make your way into the village, you’ll want to go to the pier where your chest is located.

However, you need to find the charts first:

  • #14 Horse: Look for a broken pier across from the fishing village’s lake. The chart is in the same boathouse where the broken pier is located.
  • #30 Domino: Head west to the most western part of the lake and the chart is in one of the boathouses.

Hazmat Mask MK II (improves poison defence)

Location: Sierra Perdida

Charts: #07 El Crocodilo and #27 Tocororo


Make your way to Sierra Perdida. Once there, you’ll want to climb up to one of the shack’s roofs to find your chest. Keep in mind that this location is just north of the Savannah Fields if you’re having some trouble finding it.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #07 El Crocodilo: Southwest of the flooded shack in the area.
  • #27 Tocororo: Head south of the chest and find the building with low walls. The chart is in this building.

Hazmat Shoes MK II (greatly improved poison defence, impairs movement)

Location: Conuco

Charts: #24 Chalice and #05 Machete


First, you’ll want to find the chest’s location, which is in the curfew city in the story. Head to Concepcion, and you’ll find the chest on one of the rooftops in the northwestern part of the city.

To find the charts, you’ll need to do the following:

  • #24 Chalice: Run to the market square area of the town and look for a store to enter. The chart is in one of the stores in the northern area of town.
  • #05 Machete: After you’ve found the previous chart, you’ll want to head east of the store until you find an auto shop. The auto shop has a weapon’s box with unique items and is where you’ll find the machete chart.

Fuego Set

Fuego Mitts MK II (fire defence buff)

Location: Feroza in Balaceras

Charts: #04 Starfish and #23 Libertad Emblem


You’ll locate the chest if you go south of Feroza and try to find the shipping containers and the fenced yard. Then, inside of the area, you’ll find this chest.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #04 Starfish: Jump on the zipline and follow it to the very end. At the end of the zipline, you’ll find a steering wheel, which is where this chart is located.
  • #23 Libertad Emblem: Head to the entrance of the yard, near the yellow container. On top of the container is your chart.

Fuego Helmet MK II (improved damage to burning enemies)

Location: Cruz Del Salvador, northwest of Segunda

Charts: #29 Soursop and #13 Cat


If you head to Segunda, you’ll want to continue going northwest until you come across a watchtower where the chest is located.

However, you need to find the charts first:

  • #29 Soursop: Head southwest of the field and look for the manhole. The chart is in the manhole.
  • #13 Cat: Continue northeast of the manhole to find this chart.

Fuego Boots MK II (high fire defence, impaired movement noise)

Location: East of Noventarmas

Charts: #26 Boxing Glove and #9 Tarantula


Locate the large dam in Noventarmas, head east and you’ll find the chest at the flooded tower’s base.

You’ll need to hunt down the charts first:

  • #26 Boxing Glove: Look for a small tower near all of the crocodiles.
  • #9 Tarantula: At the top of the tower where the chest is located.

Fuego Pants MK II (increases fire defence)

Location: Barrial

Charts: #20 Mamey Sapote and #17 Coin


You’ll find the chest with your pants located southeast of Ruben.

However, you need to find the charts first:

  • #20 Mamey Sapote: Head to the northeast of Barrial and find the piers. The chart is right under the pier.
  • #17 Coin: You’ll need to find the cave just southeast of where the chest is located, near the cliffs. If you see the netting, shoot it and you’ll reveal the entrance to the cave where the chart is located.

Fuego Coat MK II (improved fire and poison defence)

Location: Siete Pajaros Apartments in Esperanza

Charts: #08 Car Clasico and #15 El Flamenco


You’ll find the chest with the Fuego Coat MK II just northeast of El Presidente Square. Next, you’ll want to go just outside of Esperanza and find the Siete Pajaros Apartments, where the final chest on this list is located.

Finding the chart is easy, too:

  • #08 Car Clasico: Run to the south of the apartment’s roof to find this chart.
  • #15 El Flamenco: Look for the area where there are a lot of vines and a zip line leading to it. You’ll find the Criptograma chart at this location.

Far Cry 6 is a ton of fun, and if you’re unsure of whether you want to play or just want to know what you’re actually doing when you get the game, Twitch and YouTube are a great start.

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