Far Cry 6: What to Expect


So, here you are again. Waiting for another Far Cry game. Expecting it to have a riveting plot, along with a beautiful open world and unique gameplay. Well, based on what we know so far, Far Cry 6 is expected to hit all of its usual checkboxes when it comes to delivering the unique Far Cry experience that we know and love. We know loosely that the actor that played Gus Fring, will be the main antagonist of the game, which to me just overshadowed everything else about the game. The man knows how to play a proper villain. But what else is there in Far Cry? We’ve compiled some of the information that we’ve managed to cobble together for your reading pleasure. Let’s go!


Location, Location, Location

The Far Cry is well known for creating real-world settings for each of the Far Cry game in the franchise. A fictional country such as Kyrat, a Himalayan country or Hope County, a fictional county in Montana, is so well designed that it fits itself right into real-world locations. Far Cry 6 takes place in a fictional Caribbean Island called Yara, where you find yourself caught in a revolution, which, let’s be honest, is usually the plot of most of the Far Cry games. You play Dani Rojas, and you join the rebellion to take down the main villain of the game, Castilo.

Like any power-hungry megalomaniac, Castilo has been selling empty promises of restoring the island to its former glory, which has sparked a rebellion across the island. Seeing that it’s an island situated in the Caribbean’s, you can expect an open-world map that features realistic island areas such as beaches, jungles, waterfalls, small settlements and villages. You’ll also find the capital, Esperanza, that was heavily featured in the game trailer that will be available for you to traverse. The game environment also features unique map levels such as sewers and tunnels that are used by the rebellion to move around the island undetected. But of course, you still have the option of driving around from a choice of unique vehicles available around the island. Just don’t get caught by the military police patrolling the main roads!

In true Far Cry fashion, you’ll find different factions of revolutionaries across the island, with different goals and motivations. They have unique operations methods that require you to take up quests from time to time. And when time goes by, you’ll be forced to make a choice in terms of which side will you be fighting for in the late game.


Bears, Crocodiles, NPCs, Oh My…

One thing you’ll find very quickly when trying to traverse the landscape of any Far Cry games is that nature will try its best to kill you when you least expected. Run into a thick bush, encounter a bear. Look too long into your binoculars, you get blindsided by an eagle. The point here is that no where is safe in Far Cry 6. Expect a diverse mix of animals around the island. From docile flamingos to the more excited crocodiles, keep an eye out for anything that moves. On the plus side, there are horses available in the game, which you can ride. So instead of using typical modes of transport, get on your horse and lead the revolution with style!

Remember in Far Cry 5, where you get to use your pet bear or cougar to take down enemies for you? Well, I have some good news for you. Animal friends, known as Amigos (of course), will be available to aid you in your fights. You have a friendly gold-toothed crocodile, Guapo and an adorable dog in a wheelchair named Chorizo. There might be more animal companions to come.

While we’re on the topic of companions, let’s not forget the human NPCs that are usually available in the franchise. In true Far Cry fashion, you’ll find different factions of revolutionaries across the island, with other goals and motivations. They have unique operations methods that require you to take up quests from time to time. And when time goes by, you’ll be forced to make a choice in terms of which side will you be fighting for in the late game.

Gameplay and Combat

The most crucial aspect of any video games is gameplay. Being the newest addition to the Far Cry franchise, you can expect new mechanics and the return of familiar ones. Far Cry 6 introduces perks that are associated with different clothing and items carried by your character. Like RPG games where different clothing has different stats, you can customize what sort of perks you would like to use in tandem with your play style. Choose clothing and items that give you a boost in stealth perks. Or perhaps you’re more of a “guns-a-blazing” type of player, so equip yourself with accessories that give you more stability in handling weapons.

The weapons can be upgraded with attachments and mods, which you can unlock as you progress through the game, completing missions that grant access to these upgrades. You’ll also find improvised weapons designed from simple power tools cobbled up to make quirky but deadly weapons. You’ll find weapons such as a flamethrower, mini-gun, and a CD launcher. Yes, when you’re really committed to overthrowing a regime, you make do with the things you have around you. So yes, a deadly CD launcher. These unique homemade weapons belong in their own category named Resolver.

An additional game mechanic unique to Far Cry 6 is the Supremos, which last-resort device that is used as a weapon to turn the tide of a fight. This device comes in the form of a mortar launcher backpack which you can use to crowd control the enemy, giving you time to regroup and reengage the enemy on your terms.

Vehicles in Far Cry 6 also comes with the option to add any additional upgrades. You can add a plough to ram through an enemy blockade. You could also add a gun turret to maximize damage done as you break through an enemy’s camp.


More information will be available the closer we get to the release date of the game. Far Cry 6 is slated to release on October 7th this year. So, keep an eye on another trailer and more teaser packs of information to be released over these few months. Let us know in the comments what you’re looking forward to seeing in Far Cry 6!


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