7 Days of Love & Gifts | 下个天亮,有礼情长!

We have something special for you this Valentine’s Day. Stay tuned for our 7-days giveaway and promotions just for you. Meanwhile, checkout OffGamers’ V-Day Specials.

别错过OffGamers的情人节 7 天送礼和促销活动! 与此同时,在OffGamers也有指定产品的情人节促销,下个天亮,送您一份礼物,祝您情人节快乐!

Day 1 Promotion – Razer Gold (MY)

It’s Day-1 of our Valentine’s Promotions and Giveaway. Get 50% off Tinder Gold or Tinder+ when you use Razer Gold.
Get it now from OffGamers and start swiping for your Valentine.

使用 Razer Gold 可享受 Tinder Gold 或 Tinder+ 50% 的折扣。
立即从 OffGamers 获取吧!


Day 2 Promotion – CrossFire eCoin (PH)

Day-2 we have a promotion for FPS lovers. Get CrossFire eCoin from OffGamers for your loved ones this Valentine’s day!
Special event: Battlepass Season 13, from January 25 – March 01, 2023

情人节大放送第二天的促销是专门为FPS爱好者准备的。立即到OffGamers为您的情人充值CrossFire eCoin吧!


Day 3 Giveaway – iTunes Gift Card (CN)

We have a special giveaway on Day-3! Top spenders on iTunes Gift Card (CN) stand a chance to win iTunes CNY1000 Gift Card. The more you buy, the higher your chance to get the prize!


Day 4 Promotion – Atlas VPN

For our Valentine’s Day special, we are offering 81% off Atlas VPN to protect your loved ones’ privacy online. Get it now on OffGamers.

情人节这天,凡购买Atlas VPN就能享有81%折扣优惠,以保护您所爱之人的在网络上隐私。立即在 OffGamers 上购买。


Day 5 Giveaway – 京东E卡(中服)

Last few days of our giveaways! Buy 京东E卡 and top spenders stand a chance to win 京东E卡 worth CNY1000!


Day 6 Promotion – MyCard (MY)

Buy MyCard (MY) from OffGamers to help you save more for your gaming partner, or for yourself. Get a crazy discounts in this MyCard (MY) point card promotion this Valentine’s Day! (This event is limited to Malaysia)

MyCard (MY) 點數卡面額優惠中,瘋狂折扣!到OffGamers购买 MyCard (MY) 幫助您節省更多。

Day 7 Giveaway – 饿了么(中服)

Don’t miss out our last day of giveaway! First few customer to purchase 饿了么会员 every day can get rewarded!



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