“Civilization: Reign of Power” Debuts New Content in Season Two

Nexon launched season two of the mobile MMOSLG Civilization: Reign of Power developed by NDREAM and released new contents on Jan. 12.

Season Two will run for nine weeks and will consist of five Chronicles: Inception, Transcendence, Hubris, Conflict, and Peace. Additional content will be released according to the Chronicle change, and Wonder Conquests will be released sequentially based on the tier of Wonders.

In addition, four existing Great People “Herman”, “Richard I”, “Aristotle” and “Leonardo da Vinci” will now have new awakened versions with stronger skills available. ‘Choe Museon’ will also be added as a new Great Person. General “Choe Museon” has strength in commanding artillery and dealing with barbarians, and with the primary skills of “Cannoneer Regards” and “Gunpowder Development” he can increase the artillery’s attack and defense. Players can also look forward to experiencing the unique characteristics of 14 special units from “Civilization V” that will be added to the game.

A fourth chapter known as the “Desert Stage” has been added to “Exploration” and bigger rewards will be available for users. In addition, more than 50 masterpieces were added to the “Museum,” with special blocks and obstacles added for more puzzle-solving fun. With the new update, users will be able to sell their sixth-tier masterpieces as a way to earn in-game resources.

Nexon also released a cinematic video for “Civilization: Reign of Power” on its official YouTube channel. In the video, King Sejong, Caesar, and Napoleon introduce elements of the season’s victory conditions: Culture, Science, and Domination. Caesar’s final line of “Would you like to compete?” is an invitation for users to join the battle, raising expectations for the second season.



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