Cultureland Voucher New Redemption Guide

Cultureland has now revised their customer journey. Previously, customers were able to redeem Cultureland Voucher through Cultureland’s website or app. With the new revision, customers are now asked to redeem the voucher at 1 of the 4 platforms to different redeemable service.


How to redeem on Metapoint

  1. Download & Login to Metapoint.
  2. Open the Voucher recharge menu and enter the PIN number.
  3. Recharge complete

Exchangeable points include the following:

How to redeem on Star-biz

  1. Log in to star-biz and click “Charge”
  2. Click on “Culture Voucher”
  3. Enter PIN number and click “Charge”

Available services on Star-biz:

How to redeem on PointroPay

  1. Log in to PointroPay app and click “Bring”
  2. Click “Culture Voucher” from the list
  3. Enter PIN number and click “Bring Points”

Available services on PointroPay:

How to redeem on Welcome Payments

  1. Log in to Welcome Payments and click “Charge”
  2. Select “Culture Voucher”, enter PIN number and click “Charge”
  3. Recharge complete.

Available brands on Welcome Payments:


Cash Card







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