FootballTeam Valentine’s Day Event!

FootballTeam Valentine’s Day Event!

Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day with the FootballTeam Special Bundles and more!

During the Valentine’s Day Event there will be benefit available and you can choose one of four Special bundle to boost and improve your team!

Special Bundle:

  • Hand of God
  • Safety First
  • Olimpico
  • Park the Bus!


The two special bundles for Hand of God and Safety First bundle will contain: +10 extra meals in the Cafeteria and enable all three Assistants, i.e., Premium, Training, and Work.

The two special bundle for Olimpico and Park the Bus! bundle will guarantee: +100% more at Work and 10% off Energy costs in training.

Moreover, Free Starter is getting update and opening the new special bundle daily, you will have a chance to win various cool prizes!

Event Period: Feb 14 – Feb 20, 2023

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FOOTBALLTEAM Valentine’s Day Event

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