Hogwarts Legacy Gift Card Bundle | Get the Game at a Lower Price

Are you looking for Hogwarts Legacy at a cheaper price? You can now own the game at a lower price with OffGamers’ Hogwarts Legacy Game Bundle. Here’s how to do it:

Search “Hogwarts Legacy” on OffGamers and click on the first option.

Select the platform that you want at the “Brand” selection.

Select the Bundle at the “Product” selection

Select your bundle
Note: Please choose the bundle currency that corresponds to your console or platform’s region account

*Example: If your Steam account is United States region, kindly select the Game Bundle with USD currency.


Click on “Buy Now” and you can checkout with your local currency!
You can then go onto the platform to buy Hogwarts Legacy after reloading the gift codes to your account

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Hogwarts Legacy
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