Must-Have Tools in Sons of the Forest to Increase Survivability

Fight and survive in the latest survival horror game – Sons of the Forest. Here’s our quick guide on how to increase your survivability early in the game. You will be needing the following tools:


Getting the flashlight is essential as it has a UV mode which can slow down cave dwellers. Follow the purple dot on your map, which will lead you to a small camp. A body will be hanging near a cliff, dangling off a rope. Cut it down and you’ll be able to find the flashlight on the corpse.

3D Printer

This will come in handy as it can help you craft various items to help with your survival. To find it, follow the green dot on the map that is closer to the center of the island, southwest of the crash site, west of the snow mountain.

Rope Gun & Rebreather

You will need to get these items first in order to get the shovel. They can be found in a cave on the beach. The Rope Gun (grappling hook) can be found at the end of the cave next to the crashed helicopter.


Leaving from the beach where the helicopter is, follow the river to the cave before the mountains. Explore the cave until you find a slide to go deeper in it.


Some firearm will definitely help you fend off those cannibals. To find the pistol, follow the purple dot out in the sea, on an Emergency Survival raft. The raft will be along the shoreline where you first started the game.

Stun Baton

The stun baton is a non-lethal melee weapon that can temporarily disable the cannibals for you to escape. The stun baton will be at the entrance of a cave that is sealed with wooden planks. Beware, there are elite foes lurking in the cave.

One important tip: Remember to save your game often! To save your game, just go to your shelter and press ‘E’. Sons of the Forest is still in Early Access and only available on PC for now. You can get your copy by buying Steam Wallet Codes on OffGamers.

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