New Features Launch in “GODSOME: Clash of Gods” February Update

The latest update for mobile MMORTS GODSOME: Clash of Gods takes players on an adventure of godly proportions. Now available in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines, the February update features a new alliance member ranking system, troop presets, a world map filter and plenty of enticing rewards.

Players who charge into the battle will experience:

  • Monolith Effect System – Players will be able to acquire various enhancement effects by restoring monoliths across the map.
  • Alliance Member Ranking – Alliance members will be able to check and keep track of who contributed the most to the Alliance.
  • Troop Presets – When creating new troops, players can save and load up to 18 different God and troop configurations, allowing for more customization and convenience.
  • World Map Filter – Searching for Alliance, Monolith and Resource objects will be much easier thanks to this new feature.
  • Coupon Feature – Players will be able to enter coupon codes to earn various rewards.
  • Speed Pass Event – During this limited-time event, plentiful rewards can be obtained by clearing an array of missions.
  • Several Quality-of-Life Improvements – Battle report renovations, base relocation improvements, icon and button upgrades, and much more.




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