PlayStation Plus Double Discounts | 双倍折扣优惠

PlayStation Plus Double Discounts

The PlayStation Plus Double Discounts promotion comes to PlayStation Store on February 15 to March 1. During the promotion, PlayStation Plus members will get up to 70% discount while non members will have 35%.

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PlayStation Plus 双倍折扣优惠活动于2月15日至3月1日在PlayStation Store推出。促销期间PlayStation Plus会员也将获得高达70%折扣,而非会员也能获得35%折扣。

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List of games on sale | 部分促销游戏列表:

For the full list of games on sale, check here.

欲知完整促销列表, 请查看这里.

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PlayStation Plus Double Discounts 双倍折扣优惠

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