Touch | Valentine’s Day Special Gift only with OffGamers!

Touch is the hottest 3D dancing game developed by Perfect World. Play in Touch, you will be the most popular superstar. Play with your friends, anywhere, anytime.
Recharge now with OffGamers, and you might get a mysterious gift. Enjoy some show-stopping music and make some friends today!


  1. Spend a total of USD100 on 4Games GCoins at OffGamers.

  2. Reload 4Games GCoins to your Touch account.

  3. And stand a chance to win Touch in-game gift packs.

    • 10x Gift Packs worth USD10

    • 5x Gift Packs worth USD30

    • 3x Ultimate Prize worth USD50


Period: 14 February 2023 – 28 February 2023

How to Participate: Buy 4Games Gcoins at OffGamers and successfully reload your 4Games GCoins to your Touch account.

The more you reload, the higher the chances of winning prizes!

For more information, please visit:



情人节活动开启,凡是活动期间在OffGamers累积购买100美元4Games G币并成功储值到《Touch》游戏的用户。即可参与抽奖活动。我们将在《Touch》游戏中送出10份价值10美元的礼包,5份价值25美元的礼包和3份价值50美元的超级豪礼!



参与方式:在OffGamers购买4Games G币并成功储值到《Touch》游戏











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