Fifa 15

Fifa 15


If you are fond of football, FIFA 15 might be a game that sounds familiar to you. This is a football simulation video game that was published by Electronic Arts and was developed by EA Canada. The game is being updated regularly and for the latest version which was released in 2014, it comes with a whole lot of new features wherein players can choose to sign loaned players for a certain limited time during the matches.

There is also a new feature called the Concept Squad, and on this feature, players will have access to the database of the game and they are free to come up with their own “Dream Squad”. The card of the concept player is in grey color and there are several new legendary players that were introduced on the latest edition of the game and among them are Roberto Carlos, Franz Beckenbauer, Hristo Stoichkov and Peter Schmeichel.

Another new feature that you can find on the FIFA 15 is the stadium. All of the 20 premier league stadiums that are included have been officially licensed and their official website features an official list of the stadiums included on the game, as well as the 31 generic stadiums.

The main cover star of the FIFA 15 is Lionel Messi and he has starred in all of the covers of the FIFA installments, ever since the FIFA 13, where he has replaced another legendary player, Wayne Rooney. Some of the regions have their own player cover as well, and the FIFA 15 is the first ever title that came with localized covers for all regions, available for the Nintendo platform.

Game Description

FIFA 15 is a football simulation computer game that was released in 2014 by Electronic Arts. It was initially released in North America in September 23 and was released in Europe two days after. Then on September 26, the game was released in the UK and in Ireland and is available in the PlayStation 3, 4 and PlayStation Vita platforms. It is also available for Wii, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Nintendo 3Ds, Microsoft Widows, Android, iOS, as well as Windows Phone.

The game is also available in the PC format and it runs on the Ignite engine of Electronic Arts that has the same features as that of the Xbox One and PS 4.
It was in September 9 when the demo version of the game was released and in this version, three teams were featured. These are the Liverpool, Napoli and Chelsea. Included on the demo are the previous game’s demo teams in the likes of Manchester City, FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, Paris Saint Germain and Boca Juniors.

FIFA 15 has received quite a lot of positive responses from game critics worldwide. In fact, it was given a rating of 81.57% by the GameRankings website and such ranking is based on a total of 15 reviews coming from those who have played the PlayStation 4 version of the game. It has also received similar ranking for its Xbox One version and such is based on a total of 12 reviews.

As for the PC version, FIFA 15 received a rating of 64% based solely on two reviews. FIFA 15 was also given a score of 8 over 10 by Jon Robertson, a writer of GameSpot, and he concluded that the game is perfect for those who are looking for an exciting and totally entertaining football computer game.


The overall presentation of the FIFA 15 has been totally revamped and this affects everything, from the players that were fully remodeled to those authentic camera angles that make it seem like you are really watching the real thing. The stadiums were faithfully represented as well, especially the West Ham’s Boleyn Ground and the Leicester City’s King Power Stadium.

You will also get to have a bird’s eye view of the preceding clashes, right before the camera will dip down to shoot some of those stadium specific scenes. During the game, there are new replays and you will be treated to some exciting slow mo replays which even display the disappointed face of the players. All these game improvements make FIFA 15 a truly impressive football video game.


Unfortunately, some players of the game have complained that the version would sometimes suffer from lagging, audio looping, as well as stuttering. Others also complained about some game play bugs and minor lighting issues. The game was also criticized for its game modes that were relatively unchanged and some game critics have found flaws on the game’s frequent use of cutaways and the lack of quality on the artificial intelligence of the game.


FIFA 15 is certainly among the most convincing games that Electronic Arts has ever developed. However, it still struggles on some key areas, as evidenced by its minor lighting issues, lagging, audio looping and stuttering. The game certainly looks like you are playing in a real football game, but it hardly ever flows just like a real football match.

The matches online are almost always played through counter attack, along with quick reverse passes and strikes that are just too easy to pull off. The matches take place in a constant transition which is more like a basketball than football. It is far from those gradual shifts of momentum that is expected of a typical football game. While this might be less of an issue, this actually poses some problems as well. For one, the computer controlled players are hell bent into proving that the dribbling game of FIFA 15 is stronger as compared to the previous versions.

Nevertheless, FIFA 15 is a truly incredible game, having the ability to loan star players. The online Seasons mode is very captivating and it is worth mentioning that the online FIFA game is a truly unique gaming experience. With this, FIFA 15 is by far the strongest installation of FIFA games ever released, and is highly recommended to all football fanatics who are looking for an exciting, entertaining, and somewhat real football game.



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