FIFA 22 Endgame Review: 10 of the Best Players in Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Endgame Review: 10 of the Best Players in Ultimate Team


FIFA 23 is just around the corner which means FIFA 22 is coming to an end. For the entire year, players have trained, and grind their way past rigorous matches to form the perfect team.

It’s tough, but it’s also rewarding. During this journey, EA will occasionally dish out new promo cards that players can work towards. Sometimes, these cards define the meta and have remained in many players’ squads throughout the entire game.

Today, we’ll be recapping back at some of the best FIFA Ultimate cards in FIFA 22 as we open our doors to FIFA 23 in the coming months. In no particular order, here are our picks for the best promo cards in FIFA 22.

Disclaimer: This list is purely opinionated and readers’ discretion is advised.


Gareth Bale


1. Gareth Bale (End of an Era)

Considering how much of a beast Bale was at his prime, it is only natural that EA would release a promo card for him during his last season with Real Madrid.

EOAE Bale is no joke. Giving Bale 90+ stats on all his offensive stats makes him a force to be reckoned with because defending against him is one hell of a job.

And while his stats are atrociously high, this promo card is essentially available for everyone. As long as you have enough fodder cards to spare, you can complete this card’s SBC with ease. It’s very accessible and it is indispensable for any La Liga team.

Plus, having strong links to powerful cards like Modric and Benzema certainly doesn’t hurt. Ideally, you would want him either in the RW or RM position where you can abuse his pace and dribbling.

Overall, a fun and destructive card to use.


Kylian Mbappe


2. Kylian Mbappe (Gold Rare)

Honestly, any Mbappe card is very powerful. In the early game, it’s one of the most feared cards as it is arguably the perfect offensive player there is.

With a monstrous pace and tenacious finishing, Mbappe’s AI is wired as if it has an aimbot on his legs. Breaking past a tight defence with him is relatively easy and almost all of his shots will find the back of the net.

Fortunately, Mbappe isn’t as ‘free’ as some of the cards on the list as you would need to pay a very high price for him in the transfer market. Or you can just be incredibly lucky and get him in a pack.

Either way, Mbappe is the talk of the town for a long time—both in-game and outside of the game. We suspect that this trend will be brought over to FIFA 23 as well so beware!


Alisson Becker


3. Alisson Becker (Team of the Season)

Usually, the best chance for one to score a goal is creating a scoring chance inside the box and shooting from there. Most keepers wouldn’t be able to take a well-angled shot there but TOTS Alisson begs to differ.

Having 97 Acceleration means Alisson is insanely fast. Combined with his inhuman reflexes, scoring past him is like trying to break down a brick wall. Suffice to say, beginners or sometimes even intermediates will struggle to score against Alisson with normal shots.

To comfortably beat him, you’d probably need to create a 2-vs-1 situation against him or dribble past him for an open net. Both of which are incredibly hard to do as a newcomer.


Giorgio Chiellini


4. Giorgio Chiellini (End of an Era)

Despite Italy not making it to the World Cup this year, Chiellini’s departure from Juventus has warranted him a ridiculously overpowered card.

Long story short, Chiellini is a bully in FIFA 22. His defensive stats are off the roof with 99 Defensive Awareness and 98 Interceptions. Basically, nothing is getting past this Italian monolith.

What’s more, he is also an extremely cheap SBC. This means, that almost all players can finish their challenge and get EOAE Chiellini themselves. Pair him up with a decent Serie A CB like Koulibaly and your defence is rock solid.




5. Heung Min Son (Shapeshifters)

Possibly the greatest Asian to have played the game, Son’s Shapeshifter card is the ideal ST for any team.

The main reason is because of his 5-star Weak Foot and 5-star Skill Moves. If played correctly, you can almost score from anywhere within the six-yard box with this South Korean monster.

On top of that, his 99 Sprint Speed also complements his Skill Moves as well. Master a few skills like stepovers combined with ball rolls and you’ll leave defenders for dead.

The only downside to this card is that it can’t be obtained through an SBC. So, if you want him, you will need to spend a hefty amount on the market. Still, you could get him from packs, but you have to pray that Lady Luck is on your side.




6. Raphael Varane (Flashback)

At the current stage of the game, Flashback Varane might not be as meta as other CBs like Chiellini, but he was at the top of the mountain for a long time.

During the mid-stage of FIFA 22, playing against FB Varane was nothing short of torturous. His interceptions were unreal with his legs seemingly able to stretch up to the Moon. Trying to get a shot off while he was marking you was a fantasy.

Annoyingly enough, FB Varane is also accessible through an SBC challenge, which means he is generally available to everyone. Well, the bright side is that at the time, his SBC is super-difficult to complete. Hence, free-to-play players were spared from his wrath for most games!




7. Cristiano Ronaldo (Shapeshifters)

Putting CR7 in his best position during his best years is scary. This LW CR7 has 99 Shooting and 99 Pace. Once he shoots, it is most likely that he will score.

The only thing that is holding him back is that he has 4-star Weak Foot. That said, his prowess during counterattacks is lethal. Pair him up with a clinical striker like SS Son or RTTF Vardy, he can cause some serious damage with them.

Of course, you could convert him to an LF if you want, but we still think that his LW position is the best for him, at least as a form of respect to his stellar legacy.




8. Lionel Messi (Shapeshifters)

Similar to SS CR7, SS Messi puts him back in a position where he was at his prime. At the CF spot, Messi basically waltzes past defenders with his 99 Dribbling and 99 Balance.

Ideally, you want to play Messi as a playmaker, which means, changing his position to CAM might not be such a bad idea as well. You got to make use of that ridiculous 99 Passing and Vision.

Possibly the best playmaker and the best dribbler the game has to offer.




9. Roberto Firmino (FUT Birthday)

Birthday Firmino is a maverick. He can be played at any position and can still do wonders for you. Though you’d still want him at the offensive front as his 5-star Weak Foot and 5-star Skill Moves are hard to come by.

On paper, Bobby doesn’t really seem that stellar compared to the likes of SS Ronaldo or Messi. However, his underrated stats like High/High work rates are very useful, especially in the midfield.

In general, FUT Birthday promo cards are very strong. It is one of the few moments where the game gets a power spike in players. Roberto Firmino’s FUT Birthday card is perhaps the best one in its batch.




10. Ousmane Dembele (Fantasy)

Fantasy Dembele shares similar sentiments with FB Varane. It might not be as meta at the moment, but back when it was released, he was the uncrowned best ST in the game.

97 Pace with 5-star Weak Foot and Skill, Dembele was basically SS Ronaldo during the early parts of the game. Even at this moment, players are still using him if they weren’t able to get hold of SS Ronaldo.

While his Shooting might not be the best for an ST role, his speed and dribbling make him super formidable. You can even consider him to be a hybrid of both Messi and Ronaldo. That speaks volumes of how good of a card he is, now and then.


So that pretty much wraps up our list of the best players/cards in FIFA 22. If you still haven’t got the chance to try out FIFA 22, consider subscribing to EA Play with our Xbox Gift Cards here!

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