Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Still In Works

Tetsuya Nomura, the director of Final Fantasy, gave his assurance that the remake of Final Fantasy 7 is still in development at Square Enix.

Concerned fans was worried about the game’s status when it did not appear during E3 2018. Nomura also said that he is putting equal effort on Kingdom Hearts 3, along with Final Fantasy 7 remake.

[quote style=’1′ cite=” title=”]We are developing Final Fantasy 7 in parallel, and it’s not just in the early concept stages. We are actually in development. So right now, it’s like I’ve been putting in 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, 100 percent into Final Fantasy 7, 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts, just going back and forth. It’s just like working on two titles is just going to be one after Kingdom Hearts 3’s launch. That’s pretty much how I see it.[/quote]

Kingdom Hearts 3 will be completed soon enough despite the fact that the game was delayed into January 2019. According to Nomura, it was not delayed because it needed more time, but it was the original timing of the game’s release that actually made the upper management to change the date of the game’s release.