First Look at Nintendo Switch OLED Model

Gaming with Nintendo has just gotten better, with the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model, offering a bigger and brighter screen. The new Nintendo Switch OLED console has a 7-inch OLED multi-touch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1280x720p.

What makes OLED screen so much better? OLED offers illumination on a per-pixel basis, meaning each pixel on the screen can be illuminated individually. OLED can also offers benefits in terms of battery life — no power is ‘wasted’ lighting areas of the screen that shouldn’t be illuminated, so OLED screens are more power efficient. While the LCD screens rely on illumination from larger backlights which can result in light spill and dark areas of the screen that appear ‘grey’ rather than black — think about how the illuminated ‘black’ screen looks on your Switch when you first turn it on.

Other than the new screen, this revised model includes an adjustable stand for tabletop play, 64GB of built-in storage (an upgrade from 32GB). Other than that, there’s no other hardware upgrades that we know of. But the bigger the screen, the better right? Of course it is. Nintendo Switch will be released on 8 October.

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