First-Of-Its-Kind Genshin Impact Esports Tournament Announced

A major Genshin Impact esports tournament, considered to be first of its kind in the West, has been announced and will be held in the United Kingdom next week.

The Genshin Impact University Invitational UK is a collegiate tournament featuring 10 university teams who will face each other in a series of challenges within the game.

This invitational tournament boasts a prize pool of £11,000 (US$13,621). Each member of the top three teams will also earn primogems, but the amount varies depending on their placement in the finals.

This event is organised by the UK’s university esports body National Student Esports (NSE) in partnership with Genshin Impact’s developers HoYoverse, Esports News UK reported.

The qualifiers will take place at multiple different universities in London, while the finals will be held at Shoreditch’s Platform bar, where spectators are invited to watch in person.

Click the video link below, to see more about Genshin Impact University Invitational UK Official Trailer!

The 10 teams that are taking part are:

  1. Brunel University London
  2. Imperial College London
  3. King’s College London
  4. University College London
  5. University of Surrey
  6. Queen Mary University of London
  7. London South Bank University
  8. University of Roehampton London
  9. University of Warwick
  10. Wildcard Gaming

This tournament is an interesting development for the Genshin Impact community as it marks the game’s first foray into the esports space outside of China and could potentially lead to more competitive events for the action RPG.

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For more information, you can visit the event’s official webpage.

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Source: IGN

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