Flexepin Christmas 2019 Giveaway Promotion

Congratulations Winners!

The Winners Prize of Flexepin AUD20 & Flexepin CAD20 in Christmas 2019 Giveaway Promotion event!


Flexepin AUD20 x5

Customer ID: 5453340

Customer ID: 5439728

Customer ID: 5444957

Customer ID: 4356672

Customer ID: 5450569


Flexepin CAD20 x5

Customer ID: 4682557

Customer ID: 5055903

Customer ID: 4691703

Customer ID: 3958827

Customer ID: 3646947



Promo period: 19 December 2019 11:59am (GMT+8) ~ 2nd Jan 2020 11:59am (GMT +8)

Buy a Flexepin Voucher and go into the running to win 1 in 10 $20 Flexepin Vouchers (Flexepin AUD20 (AU) x5 & Flexepin CAD20 (CA) x5).

Giveaway is here! We will be giving away $20 Flexepin Vouchers to 10 lucky winners this upcoming Christmas and New Year!

To qualify, purchase any Flexepin Vouchers at OffGamers throughout the event period and receive one entry ticket for every purchase. The more you spend, the higher the chances of winning Flexepin.

The winner list will be published on our official website. After the announcement is made, we’ll send the prize to the winners’ registered OffGamers e-mail address.

WAIT! We have OGC to be given away!

Customers with a minimum purchase of USD50 & above stand a chance to win OffGamers Gift Card USD20, USD100 or USD300! (Terms and Conditions Apply)


Be one of the lucky winners! Purchase Flexepin at OffGamers now !!!



For more information, please visit:
Flexepin Official Site.

Related Link:
Flexepin (AU)
Flexepin (CA)


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