Football Manager 2015

Football Manager 2015


Football Manager was successful in keeping its reputation and status in the sports games.

Football Manager 2015, the newest release of this award winning and top rating series, is now being made available to Linux, PC, and Macintosh computers.

Football Manager 2015 is considered to be one of the most realistic, serious, and immersive simulations of the sport, putting players in the hot seat of nearly all clubs across countries, which includes Europe’s premier leagues.

Game Description

Football Manager 2015 allows players to act as a football manager wherein you plan and call on the plays, sits on the bench, in full control of the moves, group discussions, subs, and more. The game is now being watched using the much-admired 3D match engine.

Football Manager, a series that contains pages of boring stats and something you never really influence directly, must look like a real peculiarity for others who are not familiar with it.

But, there is certainly a good reason why every year, enthusiasts spend long hours playing the game; its interesting mix of planning and management is making you feel like hours are just minutes.

With its newest release, Sports Interactive, its developer, has incorporated a new look and system to Football Manager 2015. The same philosophy of the game remains like picking your preferred side and trying to lead them to winning by training and managing the team very well on and off the playing field. Your tactical expertise will be put into the test to defeat your opponents.

When starting a career on Football Manager 2015, you will be asked to choose whether you want to become a Tracksuit manager or a Tactical Manager. The former will have to spend a lot of time tinkering with your team’s training regimens. The latter will concentrate more on strategic foresight.

But don’t worry, there is a fine line that takes into account various, real life management techniques, but it does not need to be a binary decision. You can go in between of both styles.

Now, you can readily shout at your group at any time during a play. You can have a decent spell of attacking momentum and want a specific player to move forward or just remind them to stay focused. If one member of your team is not doing well, you can pull them to the side and ask for more.


football manager 2015



Football Manager 2015 returns to a sidebar as its main control for navigation and within just a short period of time, players enjoyed its new menu options and found out that majority of actions were faster and better as compared to the previous versions. No need to do more clicks.

A lot of important data are already squeezed onto your screen, but it still remains clean, understandable, and attractive, especially for beginners.

Raw numbers have been changed to visual indicators. The process of team selection is now made easy. Dropping of players onto your group sheet gives a better, color coded icon to give you an idea about their stats and how well are they playing for a particular position.

The use of 3D match engines comes with better animations and models of players. Games are livelier because of the enhancements done on its visual appearance. Audiences are much more behaved, which is a good thing. Football Manager 2015 can successfully give a feeling of how it is like in an actual football game.

You would see banners being strewn along the playing field, guards on the tunnels, and even subs doing some stretches on the touchline.

You can now see players being affected by changes in the weather conditions. They get wet and muddy. These things sound superficial, but they really create a much more satisfying and realistic gaming experience.

The classic mode and challenge mode are also back! The former offers an easy career for those who just like to sign players, plan tactics, and play through a season very quickly without bloat. This is recommended for newbies and those who cannot play the game for longer hours.

With Football Manager 2015, you are much more in control of what you specifically want. You can take over trainings to a more personal level and interact as a whole team. You can likewise skip pre-season.

The challenge mode, on the other hand, tasks you to win despite misfortunes like injuries, low budget, and more.

These things are definitely a big help in speeding up the season!


football manager 15



Others would say that all added features were just added solely for the pretense of an upgrade, instead of being a real need. The new interface is actually just a return of the previous vertical menu bar. Its removal before and rebirth now remains to be a big question, especially because it is just faster in accessing various screens.

Again, the choices just added some form of abstraction to the play. Aside from making the tactics and selection screens confusing for players, not much improvement or changes have been made.

Other proposed issues from players of Football Manager 2015:

• Not so good goalkeeper, especially at low levels and this leads to high scoring.
• Too many back passes, awarded free kicks or goals, and more.
• Others demand polishing, especially “skating”.


All things that make Football Manager 2015 and the rest of the series very addictive remains fully intact and have been expanded more, but smart changes on the navigation and the manner by which information are displayed make for a better and more user friendly experience and speed up the game greatly.



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