Fortnite Claims Top Spot As The Most Streamed Game On Twitch

Epic Games’ Fortnite claims to being the most hyped video game in the world, particularly once it passed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds in regard to the total number of concurrent players.

Fortnite is currently viewed on Twitch way more than League of Legends, in second place, and has double the amount of viewers of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The game’s rapid growth on Twitch is shocking and according to the latest stats on TwitchMetrics, Fortnite managed to climb the leaderboard in March:

twitch stats

The most watched game actually varies between League Of Legends, Overwatch and PUBG, especially if there is a major eSports tournament in that particular month. PUBG was the hottest game in the gaming community not long ago, and things had changed very fast.

Since the game is free-to-play and available on the PlayStation 4, along with Xbox One and PC, the obvious advantage is there. The most recent count has Fortnite at over 152,000 viewers. Now, over 8,000 channels stream Fortnite daily compared to just 2,000 for PUBG. PUBG has started losing both viewers and channels over the same period and currently it is averaging at 4,000 channels and 65,000 viewers.