Fortnite Halloween Event Includes Classic Universal Pictures Monster Outfits

Fortnite is gearing up for another Halloween event with a spooky, “Fortnitemares” themed map and, of course, some new skins featuring original designs and collaboration with Universal’s monster movies.

This year’s Fortnitemare will have a card theme as evident in the promotional poster Epic Games released today. Starting today, players can jump into Halloween-themed maps, games, and experiences made by the community and featured in the Fortnitemares playlist menu.

Halloween Outfits will also take over the store this month. Fortnite will be rolling out the outfit reveals throughout the month and a Fortnitemare card will flip over to reveal which new item is entering the store next.

As part of the month’s festivities, Epic is teaming up with Universal Pictures to release skins based on the film studio’s iconic monster movies. Both the Frankenstein and Mummy skin will become available to players as the month continues.

Epic Games recently launched its eight-season for Fortnite Chapter 2 with the war effort continuing against a new cube-shaped threat. A new season has already brought in new collabs including an Eddie Brock Venom skin from Venom: Let There Be Carnage.

Stay tuned with OffGamers for more updated on Fortnitemare’s Halloween updates.




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