Fortnite Is Headed For China With Tencent’s Help

It is confirmed that Fortnite will launch in China after a spokesperson for Tencent made it official at a conference today. The publisher Tencent will also invest $15 million into esports for domestic and international events.

According to DoNews, unique in-game items are being provided to those who pre-order, while Chinese players with progress on servers based overseas are going to be able to transfer their game account information to the domestic servers.

Tencent actually owns 40% of Epic Games, and ironically, also the same publisher that released the mobile version of PUBG in China. Even though Fortnite is the most-played game in the west compared to its nearest rival PUBG, that will not guarantee a similar result in China. Despite only being available on Steam previously, millions of Chinese gamers have signed up for a Steam account just to buy and play PUBG game. However, with tech giant Tencent leading the helm, Fortnite might do well in China.