Fortnite’s Epic Games Is Estimated To Be Worth $8 billion

Based on recent report by Bloomberg, Epic Games is now estimated to be worth $8 billion and Fortnite is largely responsible for the firm’s overall success.

Fortnite is a colorful and vibrant battle royale shooter where multiple players fight to the death with limited resources and weapons until one is left standing. This year alone, the battle royal shooter is expected to rake in at least $2 billion and Bloomberg Billionaires Index reported that Epic is now valued between $5 billion and $8 billion. The free-to-play shooter even managed to generate over $2 million daily for mobile and over $1.2 billion from in-app purchases to date. The game makes most of its revenue from microtransactions which is V-bucks, where players uses the in-game currency V-bucks to purchase cosmetic items, avatar gestures and dances, as well as special missions.

With Fortnite taking the video gaming helm and played by hundreds of millions of players across many platforms, it is not surprising that Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney is now a billionaire.