Fortnite’s Latest v7.40 Patch Update Features A Driftboard

Fortnite players are finally getting the long-awaited Driftboard in season 7.

fortnite snowboard

In addition to the snowboard, Epic is also releasing a couple of limited time game modes, one that also involves the Driftboard, and yet another that eliminates all of the guns from the game and lets players play a deadly game of dodgeball using just grenades. Players will only be able to access the snowboard for a limited time.

There’s a few alterations coming with this update, such as reduced spawn rates for certain items. Balloons, gliders, and dual pistols will spawn less frequently as floor loot. Check out the content that’s coming to Fortnite’s in patch v7.40.

Battle Royale

Limited Time Mode: Driftin’
Gear up and grab a Driftboard from a Red Supply Drop, meet up with your team, then race to eliminate the enemies. Last team standing wins!

Limited Time Mode: Catch!
In this mode, all guns have been removed. The only weapons are grenades and other items that can be thrown or tossed. Get in there and throw the enemies back to the lobby!

Weapons + Items

fornite driftboard

– Use weapons or consumables as you ride the slopes. Boost past the competition with electrifying speed. Loot and revive downed allies. All without ever getting off the Driftboard!
– Building is not possible while on the Driftboard.

fortnite infantry rifle

Infantry Rifle
– Available in Common, Uncommon and Rare variants.
– Deals 41, 43, 45 damage. 2x headshot multiplier.
– Can be found from Floor Loot, Chests, and Vending Machines.
– Uses Medium Ammo.
– Fires quick-moving projectiles without damage falloff.

Missions + Systems
– Frostnite Weekly Challenge 8: Final Frost
– Available on February 20 at 7 PM Eastern Time
– Dragonfire Shotgun is returning to the Weekly Store