Fortnite’s new patch brings tornadoes and lightning storms


Fortnite’s island is having some weather trouble as the game’s latest update brings tornadoes and lightning to the battle royale. Thankfully, neither is too dangerous to players and they can even offer some temporary advantages too.

Fortnite’s new will tornadoes rip across any terrain in their path, destroy trees, houses, and even bigger buildings, but players get off a little luckier. If a player is close enough to a tornado, the twister will pick them up and swirl them up into the sky. From there, players can either spin around until the cyclone hurls them randomly into the distance, or they can jump out and glide to safety.

Lightning is a little more dangerous, but still helpful. Electric bolts will strike randomly, but they favor bodies of water and higher ground. If lightning strikes a player they’ll take a bit of damage but also gain a temporary speed boost. Lightning also won’t strike the same place twice, so good luck getting zapped by a second speed-boosting bolt. The lightning also starts fires if it strikes something flammable.

And that’s not the only new way to start a fire with this patch. The latest Fortnite update also brings back the game’s flare gun. The flare gun can be found in chests, on the ground, or in supply drops.


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