Fortnite’s Playground Mode Is Happening Soon

Fortnite is expected to release the highly-anticipated Playground limited-time mode in its next patch this coming week.

Fortnite’s message of the day was about the Playground LTM, it is Epic’s way of addressing upcoming events, has shown that the new game mode is coming soon. Usually, this implies whatever Epic is teasing will arrive in the upcoming patch.

playground ltm

Fans have been asking for a mode like this and Playground should be added permanently to Fortnite. What is interesting about this mode is that the Playground Limited Time Mode allows players to build structures and gather plenty of resources. Epic describes this as the first steps in a creative mode intended for players to practice and strategize as it supports squads, so fans can play with friends. This concept also allow players to also experiment and familiarize themselves with the construction tool while also giving them enough time to explore the battle royale map. In addition, friendly fire will be turned on, players will get instant respawn once killed, and all of the game’s treasure chests and ammo crates will also spawn. Playground