Fortnite’s Shooting Test #1 Limited-Timed Mode Starts Now

Epic Games newest updates to Fortnite: Battle Royale called Shooting Test #1 is currently accessible on all platforms. Contrary to the Sniper Shootout and other previous events, this one is intended to test out new weapon mechanics.

Last year, Epic wanted to overhaul the weapon features to make combat more interesting for the players. Things like range, ammo, and even weapon types, which is the reason why the developer is working on two important changes.

Goal #1 – Pistol sniping at long range should not be possible.
Goal #2 – Our weapons should have characteristics that encourage a wide range of engagements based on: distance to target, target type, ammo availability, etc.

Epic stated that this prototype is mostly similar to what is already available in Fortnite, however, comes with some vital changes.

Weapons now have first-shot accuracy, indicated by a red glow on the reticle. This is applied when:
– Standing still
– Aiming (not hip-firing)
– Aim spread is at peak accuracy (Basically, if you haven’t fired recently. It is different per weapon)

Headshot critical hits have been reduced
– Shotguns are now 150% damage (was 250%).
– All other weapons with headshot crits are now 200% damage (was 250%).

Damage fall-off has been introduced for some weapons
– Damage applies at 100% to a fixed range.
– Fall-off begins at different ranges (depending on the weapon), and decreases to 70% damage.
– Sniper Rifles, Rocket/Grenade Launchers, and Shotguns are unaffected.

Other balance adjustments
– Semi-Auto Sniper has had its damage increased to 75/78 (from 63/66).
– Scoped Assault Rifle has had its damage increased to 25/26 (from 23/24).
– +2 Base damage to all SMGs.

There will be more changes heading to Fortnite and the company promised to take player feedback into account when implementing these changes to the live server.